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In Japan, starting around the second week of December, we organize multiple parties/dinners with friends, colleagues, etc. These are called "bonenkai," which a literal translation would be: "forget-the-year party." It's a way to thank and pat each other on the back for a year of hard work, reminisce on the good things that happened, and forget all the bad shit.

It's also a good opportunity to reach out to friends and people you don't see too often, reconnect and do some catching up. But whether it's old acquaintances or friends you see every week, bonenkai is just another Japanese excuse to enjoy good food, drinks and company.

The EOS M has turned out to be a great party camera, and I'm loving its compact size with SLR image quality, especially with the 22mm "pancake" lens.



新しい EOS M もかなり操作に慣れたので、お出かけ・パーティカメラとして活躍しています。22mmのパンケーキレンズはキレるし、ボケるし、本当に楽しいスナップレンズです。


Goin' out with M.

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All shots taken with the EOS M, I think I'm finally getting a grasp of how to effectively use this camera.

引き続き EOS M で撮ったスナップをアップしています。やっとこのカメラの操作を理解し、慣れてきた気がします。


Having fun with "M"

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Got the new Canon mirrorless camera EOS M, with its two lenses and an EF mount adaptor. So far, it's everything I expected: a small, lightweight camera with all the features of a regular entry level DSLR. And most importantly for me, it has the image quality of a DSLR which makes it wonderfully perfect for a take-everywhere snapshot camera. And hey, gotta love that red body!

Here are some initial shots that I took over the last three days that I've had it. I'll be posting more with this baby in the following weeks.

キヤノンが数ヶ月前に発売した初のミラーレス一眼「EOS M」を手に入れました。





Yakushima 2012 - part 3

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The last set of images from Yakushima. Drove around the Island one afternoon, and happened to stumble upon a newly hatched sea turtle struggling to find its way to the ocean.

We had previously learned from our friend who studies them, that in the process of reaching the ocean, the sea turtle uses Earth's magnetic field to understand where it is. This information will be used many years later, when the turtle returns to the same beach to lay its eggs. So, picking up the turtle and placing it in the ocean is prohibited under any circumstances.

The following day, we then went hiking in Shiratani Unsuikyo, a nice trek though some of the most beautiful forests on the Island.